About driveBLACKTIE

driveBlacktie is an automotive experience unlike any other. It allows you to eliminate the hassles of vehicle ownership and have flexibility in what you drive. Our clients experience the ability to drive a Maserati one day, and a Porsche the next day, then request a large SUV for a weekend trip. Some clients even prefer to keep the same vehicle for an extended period. The driveBlacktie program is a luxury vehicle subscription service that is flexible with your lifestyle and provides a VIP experience.

What It Is &

How It Works


Cost of insurance, taxes and vehicle maintenance. Not to mention zero hassle.

Access to an Exclusive Inventory

$60M worth of luxury, exotic, everyday, and electric vehicles accessible through subscription or daily rental.

All-Inclusive Convenience

No more hassle of ownership, i.e. insurance, taxes, maintenance, etc. All you have to worry about is what you want to drive next.

Concierge Service

Seamless flips, customized subscriptions, 100% enjoyment practically guaranteed.

Our Fleet Of Luxury And Performance Vehicles For Your VIP Lifestyle

The Perfect Car for Every Occasion

Multi Vehicle Subscription available in three tiers

A night out with your significant other, a weekend volleyball tournament in Kansas City or entertaining clients from out of town, driveBlacktie provides the flexibility you need to always have the perfect vehicle for every occasion. Find out more about our Multi-vehicle Subscription plans.

Pull up in a Maserati

Daily Car Rental at its finest

Make a statement by arriving in a Maserati or one of our other luxury vehicles with a daily rental. Perfect for a special occasion and designed to turn heads wherever you go. 

EVs Are Driving the Market in a New Direction

The buzz of electric vehicles becoming more of the norm is intriguing to most, but some customers till have questions as to how an electric vehicle fits their day-to-day lifestyle. driveBlacktie gives you the opportunity to experience an EV or experience several EVs to find out if an electric vehicle is in your future fleet. Find out more about our EV experience here!

What People

Are Saying


People never go back to owning cars after trying DriveBLACKTIE
“This is the future of car ownership. The numbers speak for themselves, a driveBLACKTIE car subscription is indeed less expensive than leasing when all car ownership expenses are included. Add the fact that you always have a vehicle that fits your needs…”
Scott W.

“I have been a user for about a month. I absolutely love my 2018 Jeep Wrangler Sahara, its excellent. I highly recommend driveBLACKTIE. The cars are new and well taken car of. The staff and delivery team are very professional…”
Donte R.

“I subscribed to black tie (Luxury Tier) in November 2018 and I am happy to say I am still a very satisfied member. Not only am I a car enthusiast, but I pay meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of my life. The cars I own are maintained to perfection (inside & out)…”
Dr. Adams

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The Future of Driving

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