Single-Vehicle Subscription

The beauty of the single-vehicle subscription is that you are locked into that vehicle for as long as you would like which makes it feel a little more comfortable. We have clients that use the driveBlacktie single-vehicle subscription to drive their ideal vehicle or their dream vehicle without the hassle of vehicle ownership. driveBlacktie will still take care of all the maintenance, taxes, insurance and other advantages within the program.

All-Inclusive Subscription takes away the pains of ownership

Allows clients to thoroughly enjoy a specific vehicle

How it Works

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Start by selecting your vehicle that you wish to subscribe to and we will take it from there

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From here we can take care of all the backend details and set up a time to answer any questions as well as a delivery time.

Single-Vehicle Subscription Tiers

Single-Vehicle Subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a mileage limit?
Yes, there are mileage limits that vary based on the tier/vehicle selections. Our mileage limits are fully customizable, and are much more generous than a traditional lease.
How does insurance work?

All vehicles provided by driveBLACKTIE are fully insured on a fleet insurance policy held by driveBLACKTIE. All primary and secondary drivers must meet, and pass specific requirements to be entitled to our policy. Policy details are as follows:

$300,000 combined single-limit coverage
$2,000 Medical Payments to offset any out-of-pocket or deductible costs
Our deductibles range from $0 to $5,000, depending on the selected coverage

As a driver, you are responsible for any incidents or accidents while a vehicle is in your possession.

How long can I keep a vehicle?
As long as you want!
There are no restrictions on how long or how short your flips may be. Occasionally, when a vehicle has been with a member for many weeks, we may request to return the vehicle for a short period so that we may perform the routine and necessary tasks of preventive maintenance in order to maintain the quality of our fleet. If this were to happen, we would flip you into a fresh vehicle of your choice with the freedom to return to your original choice. Historically, most of our members flip several times a month and enjoy doing so!
How do I join driveBLACKTIE?
Download our app here and hit “Sign up”. Follow the instructions to create an account. Within the app, you will need to provide your name, phone number, email address, a photo of your driver’s license, and your credit/debit card information. We will verify your information and check your driving history. We may need to speak with you during that process. In most cases, we can approve an application within one business day. We will then contact you to get you started and schedule your first flip!

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